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Being a trusted long-term development partner for both established companies and startups, we provide our clients with beautiful custom products. We have a passion for technology and are among the leading experts in agile software development and other BPO services


At Yopeso, we envision a world where the most innovative and forward-thinking industry leaders and disruptors bring their boldest ideas to life, enabled by our technical expertise and resources


As the partner of choice for visionaries, Yopeso provides industry-leading software solutions for companies who are innovative leaders and disruptors that demand excellence at scale


We are committed to authenticity, curiosity, and ambitious in all that we do. Our ultimate goal is to be the global leader in technical excellence, known for our unwavering commitment to authenticity, curiosity, and ambitions

With over 100 experts on board, 3 delivery centers in Europe and Asia, management and client advisors in Germany and US, YOPESO offers cost-effective services on a global scale

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The Yopesos team is diligently working to craft flawless digital products to elevate and propel your company forward

Yoepso Team - Simon Obstbaum

Simon Obstbaum


Yoepso Team - Robbert Visser

Robbert Visser


Yoepso Team - Vendel Lendeczki

Vendel Lendeczki


Vitalie Lisnic


Yoepso Team - Delia Diaconu

Delia Diaconu


Yoepso Team - Alexander Veit

Alexander Veit



Pioneering next-gen solutions with cutting-edge tech, emphasizing scalable architectures and seamless user experiences

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Yopeso is working with well-thought-out processes,
that ensures success for our clients

DevOps & Cloud
Web Development
UX/UI Design
Mobile Development

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Join Yopeso, where collaboration is key, continuous learning is encouraged, impactful work awaits, and excellence is celebrated – together, let's shape the future of software development!

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